Joe: Friends We'd Like To Have

August 14, 2020

En Aquí, tomamos nuestra taza Joe muy seriamente. Tenga la seguridad de que lo mismo se aplica cuando se trata de diseño. Como ávidos bebedores de café, a menudo nos preguntamos, "¿Cómo te gusta tu café?" Y como una boutique creativa, nos gusta preguntar, "¿Qué te parece tu diseño?" Joe es un segmento del blog donde nosotros - #TeamAquí- compartimos nuestras inspiraciones de diseño.

Is there anyone you can easily picture yourself goofing around with? Given the chance to befriend anyone in (or out of) this world - who would it be? In this post, we let our imaginations run wild and reveal the friendships we want to have with people or fictional characters that we may or will never meet.


Jared Dunn from Silicon Valley (HBO)

Yu Ting’s character of choice is Jared Dunn from the HBO series Silicon Valley. In the series, Jared is the Business Developer of Pied Piper, an up-and-coming tech startup in Palo Alto. 

What Yu Ting likes about Jared

Favourite Scenes

Best Quote

“I simply imagine that my skeleton is me and my body is my house. That way I’m always home.” — Jared Dunn

If Jared was Yu Ting’s friend

“We would geek out on corporate techniques and share our project management tips with each other. He would definitely have my back and I could easily count on him,” said Yu Ting.


Sam Gardner from Atypical (Netflix)

Nella’s character of choice is Sam Gardner from the Netflix series Atypical. The series is about Sam navigating through life as a teenager with autism spectrum disorder.

What Nella likes about Sam

Favourite Scenes

Best Quote

“I’m your big brother, I can take care of you sometimes too.” — Sam Gardner

If Sam was Nella’s friend

“I’m very indecisive and I feel that Sam would be the friend who’s able to give me good advice.” said Nella.



Evelyn’s character of choice is Doraemon the robot cat, main character of the japanese manga series. The manga focuses on Doraemon’s mission  to travel back in time to help Nobita Nobi (also known as Noby) out of being a bum so that he can have a better life in the future.

What Evelyn likes about Doraemon

If Doraemon was Evelyn’s friend

“Life wouldn’t be boring anymore as he has so many cool gadgets that I can use. I think Doreamon is also very wise and he will always push me to become a better person like how he does for his partner in crime,” said Evelyn.


John Mayer

This man needs no introduction. According to Maria, he is not only an incredible musician but also a very funny person. If you follow John Mayer on Instagram or Youtube, you have probably seen a few of his funny videos or heard him make a joke at a concert.

What Maria likes about John Mayer

Funny Videos

Best Quote

If John Mayer was Maria’s friend

“It’d be really cool if we were friends. I feel like we have the same sense of humour and we would come up with silly video ideas together,” said Maria.

It is funny how sometimes we feel like we know someone even though we have never met them in person before. If we think about it more, maybe we like these people or characters because they remind us so much of the friends we have around us. Perhaps we already have them right under our noses and we just didn’t know it.


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